A new generation of business communication system
Worldwide native dialing contact center as a service regardless of telecom providers. As simple as it could be!
Hi! Let's Meet Laura!
She is a CEO of a medium-size business such as a travel agency, for example.
Laura Has Problems
Remote Work
She has 10 sales managers to help her clients choose and buy amazing tours. All the managers work remotely from different places.
Connection Issues
Some of them have bad Internet connection. It causes poor quality of calls, which is harmful for Laura's revenue and company.
Difficult Setup

Moreover, it’s hard and time consuming for Laura to work with standard cloud call center configurations and settings.

We offer Laura a new solution!
Cloud-based business communication system for her business via GSM connection with 5-minute setup.
How It Works
Contact us and get our partners' e-sims for your team with local phone numbers to get access to the service.

~1 min
Use a smartphone to activate it. No special app or equipment. Standard GSM connection.

~1 min
Set Up
Make setting in your account about call routing, recording, queuing, CRM integration. Our mantra here - keep it simple!

~3 min
Your business phone system is ready! Start calling and use all the benefits of SipSim.
Laura is happy!
Cause our solution lets her make and receive calls without the need of an app or internet connection.

Meanwhile it provides her with
high quality of calls and
full functionality of a standard cloud call center:
Call Queuing
Keep callers on hold until an agent is available to respond. Add personalized messages and music.

Make your call-in queue experience as simple and pleasant as possible.
Call Recording
Record inbound and outbound calls between customers and agents.

Fully understand your team’s call performance, validate any customer conversation.
Call Routing and IVR
Greet callers with a custom announcement and route to the correct department to solve issues quickly.

Help your customers get fast access to the right agent.
Ring Groups
Route calls when unavailable, ringing additional users simultaneously, sequentially, or based on time of day, day of week, or specific situation.

Real-Time Analytics
Keep track of all your contact center metrics, such as wait time, missed call rate and call volume.

Monitor key performance indicators to help you manage resources.
CRM Integrations
Set up integrations in a few clicks.

Automatically sync with your CRM and helpdesk applications to provide personalized service on every call.
Book a Demo to Find Out More!
Our sales rep will demonstrate how the system works in a real life and take you on a tour of your personal account

Are you a telecom provider interested in joining our network?
Please contact us: sales@sipsim.me
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